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Benefit the health of the whole people and ensure food safety, and benefit the society.

Shanghai Chuangkun Biotech Inc. is a service provider specializing in gene testing services and food safety / medical POCT rapid molecular diagnosis solutions. The core founders of the company are senior executives and core technical personnel of large enterprises who have been engaged in IVD or related industries for more than 10 years. They have comprehensive coverage from R & D, market to sales, and have rich industry experience. The company's main business direction has broad market prospects, and its technology is leading and competitive.

At present, the company's main products are ophthalmic gene testing projects and food safety / medical POCT rapid detection products, which are excellent foreign testing products or platforms with international leading and core technologies. Shanghai chuangkun biological, as the general agent in China, is responsible for the comprehensive promotion, development, sales and after-sales work of the Chinese market. The company's vision is to introduce foreign technology leading high-quality products and platforms, further upgrade and extend development, graft China's broad market, closely cooperate with various channels, agents and end customers, achieve win-win cooperation and seek common development, so that high-end testing products and technology platform can be applied and play a role in China's inspection market.

The company's main cooperative customers are universities and scientific research institutes, third-party medical inspection centers, IVD molecular diagnosis enterprises, food enterprises, provincial and municipal centers for disease control, market supervision and administration, entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, etc. Shanghai chuangkun biology is committed to making the new molecular diagnosis technology benefit the health of the whole people, ensure food safety and benefit the public.

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Committed to the use of new molecular diagnosis technology to ensure food safety, benefit the health of the whole people, create a public!

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