As a manufacturer and products supplier in IVD area, CHKBio put much emphasis on providing satisfactory support and service to our customers. We can provide on-line training to customers to help them to learn how to correctly use our product. Our products are designed to be easy to use and we also provide sufficient after-sales service when customers encounter trouble or problems. In order to facilitate our customers, most instructions documents and operation guide video are all available in our website.


COVID-19 RT-PCR Detection Kit(Lyophilized) Operation Guide- MA688 PCR Machine 

COVID-19 RT PCR Detection Kit(Lyophilized) Operation Guide -UF 300 PCR Machine 

Operation Guide-UF
150 PCR Machine

  • COVID-19 RT-PCR Kit (Lyophilized)-COV001
  • CHK-16A Nuleic acid extractor-EN
  • CHK-800 Mini Nuleic acid extractor-EN
  • MA 688 EN V2.0-CHKBio
  • MA-6000 EN V2.2-CHKBio
  • MAS-300 Microbial aerosol sampler-EN
  • UF-150 Ultra-fast Real-time PCR System-Flyer v1.0
  • UF-300 Ultra-fast Real-time PCR System-Flyer v1.0
  • Mucoroles PCR Detection Kit (Lyophilized)