Shanghai Chuangkun Biotechnology participates in the 2024 Dubai International Laboratory Equipment Exhibition

2024Dubai medlab

The 23rd Dubai International Laboratory Equipment Exhibition (Medlab Middle East) was held grandly at the Dubai World Trade Center from February 5th to 8th, 2024. This exhibition has gathered over 900 medical enterprises from over 40 countries and regions around the world, attracting more than 30000 professionals to participate. It is an international comprehensive and specialized exhibition of experimental instruments and testing equipment.

Shanghai Chuangkun Biotechnology

At this grand event, Shanghai Chuangkun Biotechnology made its debut in Dubai with its heavyweight product, Molecular POCT Solution, showcasing the innovative achievements of Shanghai Chuangkun Biotechnology over the years. By opening up and showcasing the overall solution of molecular POCT instruments and supporting freeze-drying reagents in real-time, the audience can have a clearer understanding of Shanghai Chuangkun Biotechnology's research and development strength and advantages, and present Shanghai Chuangkun Biotechnology's innovative products and solutions in molecular rapid detection, nucleic acid preparation, and other areas up close to customers.

Chuangkun Biotechnology

With a wealth of products and innovative solutions, the Chuangkun Biotechnology booth has attracted many attendees to stop and visit. They have gained a deep understanding of the latest technological achievements of Chuangkun Biotechnology through interaction and communication with international business teams.

Chuangkun Biotechnology1

In the past year, Chuangkun Biotechnology has achieved significant results in overseas market expansion, international product registration, and team building cooperation. Chuangkun Biotechnology will continue to accelerate its strategic layout in the global market, work together with global partners, share development achievements, and achieve win-win cooperation!

Post time: Feb-23-2024